Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Fine Line

Illinois recently amended the Human Rights Act of 1964 thanks to Senator Carol Ronen (D). This amendment requires businesses, government organizations, and churches to hire gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons. Okay...sounds like a good idea...if there wasn't a law defining the separation of church and state! Is this not a situation where the state is stepping into church business? This blogger is not against the requirement for businesses and government organizations...I really don't think the amendment was purposed for that. Let's get down to business...it was meant for the church!Gotta tell you, this amendment is a real slippery slope!

If the state is going to step into the religiosity of the church then consider this. At the moment, there are religious entities that trump medical care, state educational standards, and the like. So, why don't we ask them to comply with our current standard of law? Get up to speed with the current times! Those particular religious practices have the potential to do permanent damage or harm and in some instances, death. Is NOT hiring gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people going to do that??? With the current situation in Iran, and in our very own country, doesn't our government have better things to do with their time than to create amendments that breed controversy, create law suits, and ultimately be an insurmountable waste of time?

Before conclusion there is no doubt that many will disagree with this blogger. That having been said, understand that this blogger's views on homosexuality is not what is being discussed. There is no doubt that gay activists groups around the country are ecstatic with joy as this is a great feat for them. Here's the question....does this amendment violate the rights for churches to exercise their religious convictions? Is this not a violation of the First Amendment?

On a side note, Liberty University recently opposed Soulforce, a gay activist group, to step foot on LU’s property or arrests would be made. LU’s chancellor, Dr. Jerry Falwell, told Mr. Mel White, founder of Soulforce, that he was no longer going to allow Soulforce to enter the campus for purposes of dialogue exchange with his students. This stirred a huge controversy. It also took a large number of local policemen from patrolling the rest of this city where legitimate crime was being committed, no offense Dr. Falwell and Mr. White. To learn more about LU visit their website: http://www.liberty.edu/ and Soulforce, http://www.soulforce.org/. To read about this particular “event” scroll the archives at http://www.newsadvance.com/.


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

I am not an attorney or a lawmaker. When religions start to provide public services and become involved in human and social services, problems seem to follow. We have catholic health care centers in conflict about abortion and contraception. That has even been carried into restrictions on the use of public tax money in public (and even international) agencies for family planning. Now you suggest that maybe religious organizations should be able to discriminate where others may not. The Boy Scouts also have had to deal with this "problem" of homosexuality. Many churches actually welcome diversity, including different "sexual orientations." We all know the controversies though.

If a religion wants to decide that it will only allow certain men into certain positions, I can avoid that religion. If that religion provides health care or other public services and even receives tax money to support their good work, they had better not expect to be granted the ability to discriminate. Not by me, anyway.

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

I would appreciate it if the time and date stamp on this site could be changed to reflect the actual local time. My comment was NOT posted at 2:44 pm. I was at work then -- working! I am at home now and it was actually 5:44 pm when I posted my comment.

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Citylivn said...

Larry, again I am working on the clock issue. Apparently it is operating on Central time. Thanks again for your comments and I'm working on a post to respond to your first comment.

At 6:08 AM, Blogger alyssa said...

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