Wednesday, April 26, 2006

12 Disciples: 12 Candidates

Often times in the beginning of this election, the city council candidates were commonly referred to as the “Twelve Disciples” or the “Dirty Dozen.” The pseudonym I have chosen for each candidate juxtaposes the 12 Disciples. Though, at times, the forums, whether they be through the internet or otherwise, have reminded me of some good ole Dirty Harry films. Nonetheless, for all practical purposes, the 12 Disciples just seem to fit the 12 Candidates running for the Lynchburg City Council.

Here’s the breakdown.

1. Andrew: The first called disciple. Chosen candidate: Bert Dodson. Dodson has been on council for the past 8 years and shown faithfulness to those friends and associates that support him.

2. John: The youngest disciple. Chosen candidate: Jason Campbell. Campbell is the youngest candidate and though he has some growth to encounter, his love and energy for this city will transform Lynchburg if we give him the time and chance.

3. Philip: The analytical disciple. Chosen candidate: Scott Garrett. This is a no-brainer. Garrett has shown time and again his great ability to analyze and make decisions. He’s articulate and has a positive approach to politics.

4. Thomas: The doubting disciple. Chosen candidate: Nat Marshall. Marshall has shrouded his own campaign in doubt. Why not trust the current democrats to do their job? Why does he think their needs to be change? Sometimes, it seems as though he really does not know why he is running for the city council. Hmmmm…

5. Bartholomew: The sincere disciple. Chosen candidate: Hands down, Joan Foster. She’s proven on many levels her appreciation for this city and its residents through her visibility and chosen career path.

6. Peter: The primary disciple. Chosen candidate: Chuck Gammon. Gammon is the only nominated republican running in this election. He’s shown boldness with a strong component of leadership even when his own has forsaken him.

7. James the less: The unknown disciple. Chosen candidate: James Coleman. Good speaker but that's about it. He is unknown to his party but his message is strong and sometimes brilliant. Though his preacher ways may work to a few he's unfortunately not known around these parts to make his message stick.

8. Simon: The zealous disciple. Chosen candidate: Joe Freeman. Freeman has the political experience, having served 16 years on city council during previous terms. He has been simple in his approach for the open seat by voicing his proven dedication for the city through teaching and politicking.

9. Judas Thaddeus: The misunderstood disciple. Chosen candidate: Rob Jarvis. Jarvis has and does live with disabilities that few of us understand. He has won many battles not only in his personal life but also his professional life. Now an advocate for those with disabilities…there are still many that are amazed and baffled at his story.

10. Matthew: The tax collector. Chosen candidate: You guessed it - Rob Bailey. Bailey is a known business owner of an accounting firm. No doubt he would have a clear understanding of the “tax issue” with the current city government.

11. James: The quiet disciple. Chosen candidate: Edie Light. Light has undoubtedly been one of the most quiet in the bunch. While we see her name throughout the city, works without "face" has no meaning.

12. Judas Iscariot: The betrayer. Chosen candidate: Anthony Howard. Here’s a man that talks of “bucking the system” and “not conforming to typical local politics.” That’s right! He believes that he’s better than the rest. No need to be loyal to any political party. Enough said. He’s sealed his fate and hopefully…buried it!

Note: For those of you that may not be biblically savvy or knowledgeable, the 12 Disciples were persons chosen by Jesus Christ to learn from and be trained by Him.. Synonyms for disciple would be “follower”, “pupil” and “supporter.”


At 7:12 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

A work of art. I saw a painting once (in Lynchburg) of The Last Supper with the figures in the form of eggplants. Judas was the one with the brown spot. If I ever see it again, I just might buy it. Who was that artist?

This list is priceless.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Citylivn said...

Funny...I'm not sure of the artist for the painting though I'd love to see it. Thanks for the compliment!

At 11:40 PM, Blogger LBurgAreaBlog said...

Do you have an email address for citylivn? Everything you wrote is fine. No slight was perceived.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Well done post.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Check your email for for some reason I cannot use the gmail account to send messages. Thanks bob

At 5:56 AM, Blogger alyssa said...

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