Saturday, May 06, 2006

After the Dust Settles

So, by now everyone that watches or reads the news knows that Scott Garrett, Joan Foster and Bert Dodson were the chosen candidates to serve on the Lynchburg City council for the next 4 years. Given the nature of the questions asked at each forum, one thing became very clear – there needs to be more fiscal responsibility. With Dr. Garrett, perhaps he will invoke necessary change in how the current city council is handling its budget in terms of accountability and explanation. Dr. Garrett is an analytical mind and it is my hope that he will make full use of his abilities.

Certainly, there were some upsets from those that did not gain a seat in this election. After the dust settles, and the defeated return to their normal duties, it will be interesting to see if any of them stay involved and current in the council’s agenda and future plans. Many brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Not necessarily political experience, but rather business, advocacy, community wide involvement, and a deep commitment and love for Lynchburg - all of which are valuable in decision-making and being part of city council.

There will be a Ward election in 2008. Mike Gillette (Ward I), Jeff Helgeson (Ward III), Joe Seiffert (Ward IV), and Ceasor Johnson (Ward II) will be up for re-election. Jeff Helgeson ran uncontested in 2004, so it will be interesting if any of the candidates from this past election that live in Ward III will challenge him for his seat. There’s no doubt that the Republican Party will endorse him as the (R) for the Ward election. So, whoever challenges him will need to be a (D) or an (I). Time will tell. He’s made a name for himself with the city residents, especially during the 2006 council election. This will undoubtedly serve to his advantage with the “conservatives” and republicans. I hope that James Coleman will continue his endeavor to be on council, and that when it’s time – he’ll take Ceasor Johnson’s seat. As for Joe Seiffert, perhaps he has his site set on “Mayor.” Some folks in the area say that his voting history has not been consistent to his philosophy or that he’s one of the “good ole boys.” Reading through his bio, he has definitely served his community in more ways than one. Mike Gillette has been a good choice for the council. I hope that he will run for re-election. Will Marie Martin challenge him for his seat?

As for the present time, it’s good to move on and look forward to the next big event – whatever that is in your life! For me, it’s sitting out on my deck, watching the moon light up the sky and waiting for the dust to settle.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

So are you going to put my deleted post back on the 12 Disciples segment now that the election is over? A writer hates to be censored!!! (Even when hardly anyone is reading it.)

My one question about your brief review of the election is about Coleman taking Johnson's seat at some point. Is this the "black" seat or something? I find that unsettling about the city as a whole.

I am getting some sense that everyone wants to be mayor. I wonder why? Since it is mostly symbolic and figurehead, I would support Joan Foster. A woman as mayor would be a good statement from the city council. Lack of diversity on the council is a problem, in my opinion, and a woman mayor would counteract some of the white male overload. (I speak as a white male, but hope I am not stereotyped behind my back.)

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Citylivn said...

Your comment was permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved so…no, it will not be reinstated. Your comment was accusatory and insinuated that I had done something wrong. Not that I’m into censorship but for all practical purposes, I think it is best to leave it alone. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate your feedback and for the most part find your feedback to be very good food for thought so I hope that you will continue to post comments.

As for the “black” thing, I hardly think that is the case at all. Coleman is in Ward II and would be a good component. Besides, can you think of anything that Ceasor debated or stood for? His bio is hardly noteworthy. He’s not done much from what I can see or hear. Gillette and Helgeson have been the most visible and vocal as newbies to the council. Maybe Ceasor will convince me otherwise in the next couple of years but I doubt it. I’ve been to functions where he’s been the keynote speaker and it’s hardly worth my time to even comment. Needless to say, it wasn’t memorable except that I was NOT impressed.

You’re right – all the council members have their sights set on the position as Mayor. I think Joan has a good shot given her current position. On another note, why does diversity have to equate color or gender anyway? Can’t it also mean experience? Can’t it also mean knowledge? Can’t it also mean nationality? I’m just curious.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger LBurgAreaBlog said...

James Coleman's residence is in Ward III.

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Citylivn said...

Actually, it was James Coleman's wife that told me (or at least indicated) that they lived in Ward II. Maybe there are plans to move into that district. Either way, I hope that we have some contenders and that we don't have councilmen elected by default.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

When I asked about restoring a past post, you said, "Your comment was accusatory and insinuated that I had done something wrong. Not that I’m into censorship but for all practical purposes, I think it is best to leave it alone."

I am not good at leaving things alone! So are you going to "come out" with your identity now that the dust has settled? Being anonymous is not wrong but it does have some pros and cons.

I encourage full disclosure. Rain or shine. Regardless, I hope you will continue to share occasional thoughts. Or you could do what I do: just follow the trail of local blogs with comments strewn like rose petals. Reacting is much easier than originating.

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Citylivn said...

Good comment Larry. Yes, I've updated my profile. My internet has been acting up so I've been out of the loop for quite a while! Sorry for the delay. Hope you're doing well!

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Citylivn said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I'm out of the closet, so to speak. I've not been able to use the internet for a while since my wireless has been on the fritz. Hope to have some new stuff on the blog soon. Take care!

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

Almost three weeks (today is May 25th) since your last post. I miss your thoughts. Hope you will get off that deck soon -- at least for a few keystrokes!

Our big news is that we are adopting three year old Ping from China. She will not join us in Lynchburg until the fall or maybe winter, but she is already a part of our hearts.

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